Have Rough Sex

roughMany at times women wish their partners would do something other than the slow love making when it comes to having sex, and you want to entice your partner on how to have rough sex with you. The fantasies about dominated and relinquishing the needed control to reach heights of sexual satisfaction never experienced before.

Tell them straight ahead

The most obvious way when seeking how to have rough sex with you partner is to tell them as it will never get easier than that. However since they care about you try and be sexy about it as possible as if you tell them the same way you do when you talk about finances as it will make it creepy. Talk when both your sexual emotions are running high, after which they will do nothing more than fantasize about your words.

Change positions

In a quest to on how to have rough sex with your partner, exchange position and be them for an intimate session. Make sure that you tell them and imitate them in very way except in how rough you will be. Tie them up, blind fold them and tell whisper all matter of things to them. This will make them get the idea and they will sure do this to you time and again from that time onwards.

Prepare them earlyrough3

Start early and be sexy. There is nothing that will make them be in the right mind frame and think of having rough sex with you than if they are well prepared. Before they reach the house text them detailing what they want. In this case you might want to start by asking them if they will ever hurt you, this way they will go in the defense and refuse. However go a little deeper and ask them if they will do it to you if you ask that of them and they will definitely jump on the wagon with you as they have your consent and them yours. By the time they reach your side, you will not have to do anything as they will dominate you in ways you dint even think of.

Research on it and leave it open

Make them spy on you any chance you get and do not erase your browsing history. If they do not have a habit of looking into your things do send them to get something from you that will make them see it. They will be able to see what you don’t want to ask and this way you will succeed in having rough sex with your partner.rough2Ask for their opinion

This is extremely straight forward as you have plenty of things that you can base your questions on right in your home. If in the bedroom you can lift a tie and ask them how they would fell if they tie you up and had rough sex with you. If you are watching a movie, use a sex scene and ask their opinion on how to have rough sex with you and what they will like and you will get it soon.