How to Give Your Man a Mind-Blowing Sex


If you take some of your time to look at the causes of many breakups, there is a high possibility that lack of orgasm in either sex is the major cause. You definitely do not want your partner to walk out of you because you could not give them mind-blowing sex that they keep thinking about. If giving you man a good sex is what you are looking for, then this article is made for you.

Tighten your Vagina

vaginaIf you feel that you are not tight enough to give the friction that is needed to please your man, you do not have to worry. There are a lot of techniques that you can use to ensure that you lost glory is restored. Exercises such as Kegel exercise has been proved to be very effective in helping women to have the size of the vaginal reduced to normal. Apart from natural means, there are supplements that can be used to achieve the same purpose. You just need to make sure that you buy them from the right place.

Lights On

Most people love having sex when lights are off. If you happen to be one of them, then you need to start doing things in a different way. First, you need to understand that a great percentage of the whole sexual activity is in the mind. So letting your man see how beautiful you are will give him that morale that he needs to thrust harder.

Express Yourself

Some women are to shy to express their emotions when it comes to bedroom matters. Sex is a good thing as long as it is done at the right time and with the right person. So, when in the bedroom, feeling shy should not come into the picture. If you feel like you should scream, then you should not limit yourself. Men like it when they know that they can actually make their women scream.

Understand Your Man

sexFor you to be able to have a great sex, you need to have a better understanding of each other. Know what turns your man on and concentrate on it. While I do not encourage people to use their tongue because it wasn’t meant for sex, you can use it if you find it very necessary. If you realize that your man is not taking the lead, then you should not be afraid to make him lead.

Missing an orgasm? These tips will bring it back


An orgasm has to be one of the main reasons for breakups. Sadly, a man’s manhood is measured by the way he brings a woman to an orgasm. It shouldn’t be as hard as we hear most of the time. It only takes a bit of craft and skill that every husband and boyfriend should muster. Forget about the same old methods and focus on learning the newest. It’s only as easy as doing your research and reading widely. However, only settle for the one that suits you best, and you are comfortable with. Read on for the most fantastic tips on how to bring the orgasm back to your bedroom.


Don’t expect to have one

fdgdfgdfgwerwerwerWhen getting laid, just let yourself go and let your man do what he does best. It’s only as simple as focusing on his sensual touches and kisses. Before you know it, you are at that heavenly moment in which you can’t help but moan helplessly.
An orgasm will come to you as a surprise. It will get dull and boring if you know that you are going to have one.

Get some help on this

You can’t afford to go it alone only for it to turn out worse than you expected. Get some help from sex enhancing material such as pornographic movies, listening to some erotic and sensual music, etc.

Select only the best there is as not everyone is gifted in this area. Only then will you be assured of bringing back the totally lost orgasm back to your sexual encounters.

Sexual fantasies you have when you are alone

sdffsdfsfsdftThis is a golden opportunity for you to fulfill your sexual fantasy. They call it sexual healing because it revives the dying sensual flames on your bed. You will automatically come alive and feel like you’d want another round of the same.
As a woman, you are gifted with multitasking. Don’t leave all the work to your man as you go on a magical ride alone. It’s possible to do it all at the same time. Keep your man company and engage yourself mentally as well.

Avoid all types of distraction

sdgsdfsdfsdfsdfOne of the commonest ways is by putting a blindfold on your eyes. This will help you concentrate fully on what you are hoping for. Better yet, turn the lights off as well as your phone. There is no worse turn off than a phone call in the middle of a heated sexual moment.

The worst part is that if you allow the distractions to have their way, it will be even harder to pick up from where you left off. Don’t allow anything to ruin the moment; this means you also have to focus.

It’s all about communication

Let your partner know how you prefer to have it done. Most men are good at what they do, but it’s your body, and you should understand it better. Communicate to him about what turns you on and leave the rest to him. The best part is when you orgasm together after he finally gets it right.