Make Your Partner Want More Sex

moreSo you have reached the point in your relationship where you need to take the relationship to the next level. A few people think that having sex is no big deal while others see sex as something they only need to share with extra-special persons. Although you never wish to force your girlfriend to having sex with you, you can always soothe her fears and also reassure her that you are really a person whom she can trust fully. After doing this, sex will then come naturally. In case you want to make your partner want more sex, here are the tips:


Be dependable. If you need to make your girlfriend to have sex with you, you should then show her that you are an amazingly dependable guy. For your girl to trust you enough for her to have sex with you, whether her 1st time or even if she had sex before, then she will have to feel that she can truly depend on you

Give it time. Some people can be ready to have sex with their girl at the time she takes her down a beer. While some girls normally take months or even longer times to decide on whether they are ready make love, you should give her time.

Do not act like you are obsessed with sex. Let us face it. If you are a male of a certain age who`s desperately in need of having sex then you are probably obsessed with sex. You should not act as if you are obsessed with sex.
Be loyal. In case you want to make your girlfriend to trust you, then you`ve to be loyal to her. She will never have sex with you in case she thinks you are talking to other women or even checking out other women.


Treat her like a lady. In case you want to have sex with your girlfriend then you should treat her like a lady and not just like someone whom you just want to hook up with. To be able to do this, you`ve to be a gentleman enough and also be courteous, understanding, kind and generally admirable

Clean your home. This may sound a little silly but in case you want your girlfriend to really feel as a special person you should not invite her to hang out at your places if the place looks like the set for the World War Z.

Show interest in all of her and not just her body. The biggest fear of your girl might be that you do not care at all about her mind and that you are too busy just obsessing over her body

Take her out for romantic dates. If you need to build a sexual tension then you have to build romance first. Ensure you make her to feel special by dressing up, taking her out and pick a romantic spot for the dinner, drinks or even just for stargazing


Be prepared. If you are planning on trying to have sex with your girlfriend or you are talking about having sex with your girlfriend, then you should be well prepared with some condoms just in case the mood strikes her.

Set the mood. If you need your girl to have sex, you have to set the mood. You should start in the evening by doing romantic things to soften her up. After that, go back to your apartment that should be stocked with grapes, red wine, chocolates and some light jazz music on the radiomore3

Kiss her. If you want your girlfriend to have sex you have to master kissing. Even if you have been kissing her for a while, you should still know how to kiss her in a number of ways and ensure that your kisses feel fresh.

Play hard to get. If you really want to make your girlfriend to like you, then you should not act like sexual beasts; moving rapidly from kissing to touching, to ripping off clothes and practically moving into the bedroom. Instead, kiss your girlfriend for some few seconds, hold back, stroke her and then talk to her about sex.